Pulley Groove Gauge

When installing new belts, the condition of the pulleys is often overlooked. 50% of new belts are fitted to worn pulleys – which can waste up to 10% of your energy input. The Fenner groove gauge can quickly help you assess the health of your pulleys. Quick, simple visual inspection tool Highlights pulley inefficiency due to wear.

Fenner Drive Alignment Laser

The Fenner Drive Alignment Laser is the perfect tool for pulley and sprocket alignment. Applied magnetically in just a few seconds, the laser line projects onto targets allowing rapid adjustment for perfect alignment. Reduces wear on belts, pulleys, chain, sprockets Increases drive efficiency for larger energy savings. Quick and easy to use, producing accurate results Shows parallel and angular misalignment. Suitable for both vertical and horizontal mounted machines.

Belt Tension Indicator

Wedge belt drives can offer as much as 96% efficiency in power transmission on most applications, however to achieve and maintain such efficiency requires optimum drive design and care when installing the drives. A correctly tensioned drive avoids belt slippage that can decrease overall efficiency, reduces wear on belts and pulleys, and ensures belt drives are operating at the optimum efficiency. Allows simple accurate belt tensioning.

Belt Efficiency Kit

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