Gates EZ Align® Green - Laser Alignment Tool

The EZ Align® Green laser alignment tool is a more advanced unit than the Gates Laser AT-1. While the AT-1 checks both planes of misalignment individually, the EZ Align® Green checks both planes simultaneously, so adjustment can be made to the drive to align it correctly.

Gates AT-1 Laser Alignment Tool

A simple, easy to use, one person operated alignment device. Accurately gauges angular and parallel misalignment. Magnetically mounted to the pulleys, the unit allows the pulleys to be adjusted whilst still measuring the alignment. It’s faster, simpler and more accurate than traditional straight edge or string lines. Measures angular and parallel misalignment separately by the simple movement of the targets. Fast, simple and economical.

Gates Tension Testers

Gates have two tensioning tools for use in the servicing of belt drives. The single barrel (15kg) and the double barrel (30kg) tester can be used to accurately measure the tension of individual or joined belts at installation or during maintenance. Using the tension testers ensures that correct tension is maintained and is repeatable. 

Gates 508C Sonic Tension Meter

The 508C Sonic Tension Meter is easily operated by one person for fast, accurate readings on all types of synchronous belt drive systems and V-belt drives. The standard cord sensor will reach inside cramped compartments where conventional measurements would be impossible. An optional flexible sensor can be bent and repositioned for convenient, one hand operation. An optional inductive sensor  can measure belt tensions in high noise or windy environments